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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 24, 2018 10:00am-11:01am EST

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i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] worried. charles: here is lou. david: good evening, i'm david asman in for lou dobbs. president trump returning to the cpac stage to if you are what he calls common sense proposals to make our schools safe again. among those are allowing teachers to have guns and interesting gun-free zones. rick gates pled guilty at a washington courthouse. it's a strong indication gates plans to cooperate with robert mueller's russia probe. but there is still no evidence
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of collusion, so why is the mueller probe still going on? the trump administration announcing harsh new shipping sanctions against north korea. the president calling the sanctions quote the heaviest ever and warning about phase two if those measures don't -- don'. all that and more coming up. the president's triumphant return to cpac. for more than an hour the president did what he does best, speaking directly to supporters in a campaign-style speech that touched on everything from the second amendment to north korea. john roberts has our report. john: there was a lot in the president's cpac speech. but his support for raising the minimum age to buy a rifle from 18 to 21. the national rifle association,
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a big sponsor of cpac is firmly opposed to the idea. at the conservative political action conference president trump doubled down on his calls for staff to be trained and armed to respond to a school shooting. president trump: well trained adept teachers and coaches who were in the marines, the army, the navy, the coast guard, people who are adept with weaponry and with guns. reporter: president trump insists the gun free zones that's describe american schools are a magnet for shooters. president trump: it's concealed. so this crazy man who walked in wouldn't know who has it.
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that's good. and the teacher would have shot the hell out of him before he knew what happened. reporter: the proposal was met with derision by connecticut senator richard blumenthal. >> half cocked, hair brand. toxic lunacy is the way to describe arming 10-40 percent of all the teachers in this country. the teachers union said teachers won't want to be armed. they want to teach. on his way to cpac president trump was critical of the broward sheriff's deputy who stayed outside the douglas high school instead of running toward the carnage unfolding inside. >> it's what case where they didn't react properly under pressure or they were cowards.
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it was a shock to the police department. these teachers love their students. would i rather have somebody who loves their students and wants to protect their students than somebody standing outside that doesn't know anybody and doesn't know the students. reporter: president trump announced the biggest package of sanctions against north korea. targeting 27 companies, 28 ships and one individual for smuggling knew and other supplies to support conside north korea's nr weapons package. it was today a number of white house staffers were set to lose their interim security clearance. president trump weighed in on
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the fact his son-in-law, jared kushner is still operating without his full security clearance. president trump: we inherited a broken system. that's up to general kelly. i will let the general make that call. reporter: sources tell fox news rod rosenstein called the white house counsel to say jared kushner's security clearance file would not be completed by the deadline today. there were still to pending items that required investigation. jared kushner sources tell fox news that jared kushner maintains his interim security clearance. david: the white house has been work the doj and fbi in
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redacting the memo from adam schiff which is a rebuttal to the gop memo exposing surveillance abuses. if it's transmitted back to the committee, it will be poasd on its website and released to the public. we'll bring developments on the memo to you as soon as we get them. joining us, mr. ed rollins. let's talk about that speech, first of all. i loved the spontaneity of it all. he was reading from the script. he was reading from the teleprompter. he kind of threw that aside. ed: it was a magnificent speech. as i was sitting there watching it, the difference between a year ago and for the first time in my lifetime there is a new conservative leader, barrie goldwater in 1964, and ronald
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reagan in 1986. he now owns the conservatives in the republican party. david: a lot of conservatives were worried. is this guy the real conservative? he's in manhattan, he supported democrats in the past and had wishy washy views on things like abortion. but he has been far more conservative than they imagined. ed: right down the line. it was powerful speech. it was a good speech to ended the week of great tragedy and the week of great performance by this president. david: he found a way to address the awful shooting last week. it appeared democrats were trying to own the issue. it seems crass to put it that way. but that's what was happening. we saw them trying to take the issue over.
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this our issue. the president clearly said there are things that can be done without confiscating people's weapons that could lead to more safety in the school. he address it more than any president has before. ed: he said i may have to go a different place on some of these things. he gave a great le somebody to anybody who -- lesson to anybody who wants to oppose him. he praised two members of the freedom caucus, mark meadows and jim overcan for all the you d jim jordan for all the support they have given. david: essentially saying you get on the train or you will be left in the station. david: on the expanded charges against paul manafort and his
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associate mr. gates. he said he didn't want to go through a long legal process. but manafort is going to try to fight it. manafort is clearly an operator inside the beltway. the administration got rid of him when they found that out. ed: i have known manafort for 40 years. the moment he was named i said somebody didn't tell trump about manafort. i think clearly this all past history. it's nothing today on the trump campaign. but he resurfaced and people started investigating what he has done, and i think he'll be in jail for a long time if found guilty. david: it's clear what happened is the trump people or maybe donald trump himself said this is the kind of guy who represents the swamp i want to
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get rid of. ed: that was important. it allowed the campaign to finish on the high note it did. david: we are coming right back with a lot more. please stay with us. no evidence of collusion in the mueller witch hunt as rick gates pleads guilty to lying and conspiracy. >> there is no evidence of collusion and has nothing to do with the president. david: we'll take up the case with andrew mccarthy coming up. president trump issuing a new warning to north korea after announcing new sanctions. president trump: if the sawngses don't work we'll have to go phase two. it may be a very rough thing. it may be unfortunate for the world. david: much oh, that's lovely... so graceful.
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david: paul manafort took a swipe at his former business partner rick gates, he said i continue to maintain my innocence. i hoped and expected my business colleague would have had the strength to continue the battle
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to prove our innocence. gates pleaded guilty to false statements and conspiracy charges for work and manafort did for the government of ukraine. none of the charges had any connection to trump or his campaign. joining me, andrew mccarthy, a man who saw a lot of this coming. we don't want to discount, these are very serious charges against both men. and mr. gates pleaded to two, including conspiracy. but nothing, nothing related to the across its of the trump campaign which lead me to ask the question, why do we have a special counsel? >> that's a great question. it does seem that there is no reason that the justice department could not have investigated gates and manafort for what you say are serious
10:16 am
charges. i think what they will say ultimately. there is a lot of evidence of these two guys colluding with people who are connected to the kremlin. it was very poor judgment on their part to bring them into the campaign. but nothing they have been alleged with doing is related to their activity in the context of the trump campaign. >> the special counsel, this is no breaking news. the special counsel has a purview to look into whether there was any connection between the election campaign and russia. that's his purview. but it looks more and more like he thinks that the president is his suspect. he's going to squeeze anybody who can give him anything that will pin something on the president. but the president is the suspect without any charge of criminal activity. that goes against our system of
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justice. >> that's one interpretation of what he was trying to do. if there were any collusion between trump and russia, that manafort is the guy who would know about it. so he's squeezing manafort. the other tng goi on, he want to make a record, i believe, that it was reasonable for the fbi and the justice department. there were all these russian contacts around manafort and gates and trump chose to bring them into the campaign. they want to i think create a portrait that that was a reasonable decision to make under the circumstances. david: as we just heard from ed rollins. as soon as trump found out this guy is a perennial operator inside the beltway and ed rollins worked with number the 80s, he got rid of him.
10:18 am
he was gone four months before the election. >> i happen to think he's trying to justify his job. david: we are getting evidence there was collusion between on other people and russia. people work for fusion that was paired for with money from -- that was paid for with money from the hillary campaign. the indictments of the 13 russians let me to believe if you can indict russians, why didn't you indict christopher steele? >> i think when this is all over, one of the telling stories that will come out of it is the disparate treatment between the hillary clinton email investigation and everything that was attendant to it, and the way they went after trump
10:19 am
with myopically compared to all these other connections between russia and other players you are referring to. at thened of this rainbow you end up with nothing. but you will never i don't think be able to justify the disparate treatment between the two things. >> it seems like it's an operation with one objective. that's to get done a in his inner circle. >> i want to give mueller the benefit of the doubt to this degree. i think he wants it to be said when this is all over that he was thorough. i am not convinced he wants to make a case on president trump. but i am convinced he wants to make sure nobody can say he didn't look under rock, and he wants to justify the way the investigation was carried out by
10:20 am
the fbi and the justice department. david: do you think he's being justified by his staff who leans heavily to the left? >> it would be impossible to not be influenced by everyone. but we have to bear in mind that these guys of what their political leanings are, they are fabulous prosecutors and investigators. and you have to hope when they get together and speak, they are speaking clinically rather than politically. david: andrew mccarthy, good to see you. have fun at cpac which is where you are. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe the mueller team is far too biased and corrupt. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow lou on twitter @loudobbs and follow him on instagram
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@loudobbstonight. the dow surging, and the s & p and nasdaq up. a reminder to listen to lou's reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. president trump slamming russia and ran's behavior in syria calling it a humanitarian disgrace. the things we do to get ahead. rising before dawn.
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david: president trump announcing today the quote heaviest sanctions ever imposed against north korea. targeting 26 shipping and trading entities evading sanctions against the kim regime. also threatening sanctions against countries who continue to support north korea's nuclear program. and a scathing rebuke of serious human rights violations after 99 children were killed by airstrikes in syria. president trump: what russia and iran and syria have done recently is a humanitarian disgrace. i will tell you that. we are there for one reason. we are there to get isis and get rid of isis and go home. we are not there for any other reason. and we largely accomplished our goal. but what those three countries
10:27 am
have done to people the last short period of time is a disgrace. david: my next guest believes u.s. inaction in syria is hurting u.s. interests. general, it was good to hear them call out russia and iran like that. >> i'm delighted he's doing that but it isn't enough. it's laughable what russia is doing. they are committing war crimes. they are bombing every hospital in the eastern area. that's a war crime. assad has been committing war crimes all six years and russia supports them in doing all that. but russia believes and says to their own people that the reason they are in syria is because much isis. the reason they are in syria is to prop up the assad regime.
10:28 am
the means to do that is to kill the syrian people who would oppose them. that's what's so horrific. david: i don't get what gets out of syria. >> a huge strategic intervention in the middle east. the russians want to replace the united states as the most of influential out much region country in the middle east which has been our province since world war ii. they see us disengaging from the middle east and they want to take our place. they want to build nuclear power plants around the middle east. and they are doing that because they want geopolitical influence. iran and russia have a political-military alliance. that's why i think our strategy is wrong. korea is looking at this and seeing american weakness. iran is looking at this and seeing american weakness.
10:29 am
so is china. these things relate to each other in terms of the america standing up. david: during the obama administration we saw the u.s. becoming almost a feckless power in the middle east. pulling out of iraq too soon which gave rise to isis and other terror groups. doing nothing with syria. that least the trump administration had the air strikes when they used chemical weapons. >> we want to stand up to iran's aggressive behavior. but the place to do that -- i'm not suggest we get in the middle of the civil war. but we can organize the world to sanction iran and russia. for the war crimes they are committing and they clearly are.
10:30 am
david: we can start by tearing up the iranian nuclear treaty. >> and there are other things we can do with the arabs in the region. there are things we can do to help get diplomats to leverage. our diplomats have no reference and there won't a political solution anytime soon. >> you contrast that with what's happening with north korea. >> we put the military option back on the table, we have a policy of maximum pressure. we have been shutting down 70% to 80% of north korea's revenue and commodity and trading. the new sanctions is to shut down as' of the rest of it as possible. these are loop holes. and the navy is going to start interdicting some of these ships that have been back dooring the
10:31 am
capability into the north korean ports. this is a good step in the right direction. david: there are some suggestions they are not happy with general mcmaster. what have you heard about that? >> i read the same thing you read. i was with him a couple weeks ago. he was taking me through some of the challenges they are facing in the world. getting my views on things. he was a happy camper. he was working hard and loved what he was doing. he believes he has a good relationship with the president and chief of staff. none of us know for sure what's going on here to be honest with you. david: at least he's going to the right place for information. general jack keane, good to see you. have a good weekend.
10:32 am
we are coming right back with a lot more. please stay with us. house republicans demanding answers about the obama administrations role in the bogus trump dossier. >> who in the government knew what, and did they know that the democratic party and hillary clinton actually paired for it. david: we take up the next phase of the intel investigations with chris farrell from judicial watch next. this thrill-seeking motocross biker take his stunt to a whole new level. we'll show (phone ping) gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet?
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david: i'm david asman in morer for lou dobbs -- in for lou dobbs. congress republicans wants to know what obama knew and when he knew it about the trump dossier. the document was eventually used to justify surveillance of the trump campaign and carter page and god knows what else. they launched phase two into fisa abuses today. chris, today we had this expanded manafort indictment. we had a plea copped by manafort's assistant gates. it seems to me, granted these
10:37 am
are serious charges. but these are molehills compared to the mountain of the question of whether the justice department used the trump dossier to spy on a political campaign. >> everything that transpired with respect to manafort and gates have nothing do with the trump campaign. they can't drag it back to trump. frankly, if you look at the 6 to 8 other political consultants operating in the ukraine at the same time. it might be interesting to look at their activities. david: i'm assuming you are talking about john podesta. he was involved in ukraine. >> begala, all these big names
10:38 am
have had dealings with ukraine. david: you may see -- my own suspicion is mueller just to prove that he's fair mind or whatever, he's going to throw in an indictment of a democrat. who knows. i don't have inside information on that. >> if you want to focus on the obama administration targeting the trump campaign. i think people should set their sights on lisa monaco. the trump administration homeland security director. she appears in the notes and calendar of andy mccabe in may of 2016. if you note back a couple weeks you remember that the text from page saying that andy mccabe and strzok or her boyfriend, that the white house wanted to know everything they were doing. so you have see this contact in
10:39 am
may. then in august you see that the counter intelligence investigation opened on the trump campaign gets a nickname, they call it latitude. and it's tied back apparently to lisa monaco who has escaped any media inquiry or scrutiny. i think folks should take a long, hard look at contact point between the mccabe, strzok, page secret society. who in the white house was managing that? it appears it's likely it's lisa monaco. david: then there is the case of senator mccain's stand or aide, david kramer. he pled the fifth in front of the intel committee. the point is, a lot of people wanted to keep donald trump out of the white house. most were democrats.
10:40 am
some were republicans like senator mccain and his aides. and they used all the power they had to do that. sometimes the question is, and this is a good question for mr. mueller, did they ever go over the legal line using the power they had to influence their opinion. >> when you mention mr. mueller. guess what lisa monaco's job was at the justice department? she was chief of staff to then fbi director mueller. david: there is a group of established bureaucrats who are scared to death of the idea of somebody like donald trump coming in and shaking up the system as he has been doing. >> they are self-anointed protectors. they know better. heaven forbid that the voting
10:41 am
population elect someone they haven't approved of. david: most of were democrats, some were republicans, but they per all part of the establishment trump came to town to end. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe the mueller team is far too biased and corrupt to investigate obvious evidence of dem collusion? cast your vote on twist twitter @loudobbs. watch as this athlete takes center stage. he performs a back flip over a field rigged with explosives. new details about the fbi informant in the our rain why one clinton corruption scandal and the justice department's attempts to silence him. successful people have one thing in common.
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david: the justice department under fire for attempts to discredit an official in the
10:46 am
uranium one scandal. campbell said russia hired a lobbying firm to funnel' money to gain influence. joining us is a former reagan justice official gloria, it looks like the deep state is at it again. >> i was on fox a lot talking about getting the gag order lifted from mr. campbell. just a few days after the gag order was lifted. justice department people who said they were familiar with mr. campbell's case leaked to reuters and yahoo news, mr. isikoff. these leaks were illegal even if
10:47 am
the information wasn't true. they said mr. campbell's krit credibility was a question. you never put someone on the stand who has been an under cover person for the cia and the fbi for three decades. you do everything you can to keep them off the stand. david: you obviously hit a chord. >> it's not over. john sullivan went up to the justice department and talked to a justice department official who said that the leak was not only unauthorized, by the was inaccurate and did not reflect mr. campbell's credibility. john was talking to the fbi agents.
10:48 am
he couldn't figure out why the justice department people were doing this. i think it's all over. 10 days later senior justice department officials go to the hill and brief congressional staff with the same false statements that they gave to isikoff. why did that happen? i am say together attorney general and i.g. i want to know who authorized those people to go up there and provide false information. david: you have here a letter dated february 20 to mr. sessions, the attorney general, complaining about all this and suggesting that it is not only improper, it's illegal to do what they have been doing. so what happens now? what does mr. sessions do with your ever in. >> i hope he starts opening an investigation. there is such a thing called an administrative a tina. he can go to the people he
10:49 am
thinks know about this matter, people who say they are familiar with mr. campbell's case. the government doesn't hesitate to do that for the other times of situations. david: this about an attempt by the russians to take over the uranium market. that's what your client alleges was going on. >> a successful attempt. david: they got 20% of our own uranium and they found a way to move it out of the united states, and all with the complicity if not just the approval of the establishment in the doj and state department. >> knowing these people were corrupt and getting kickbacks. the obama administration authorized the sale to these corrupt russian companies of
10:50 am
uranium one. david: we know how justice has been dragging its feet looking at other criminal activity that is alleged to have happened under the obama administration. if there is foot dragging do you have assurances you can go over the head of the justice officials and go right to the president and say you have got to get these guys moving? >> i think the president knows they aren't complaining about it. this is unforgivable that they had would go after this patriotic man who suffered through two bouts of cancer. now he has slew keep yap. he briefed congress and talked to the fbi. when he was in the middle of all this in 2011 he suffered from brain cancer and had to under go treatment. this is a patriotic man and what these people of are doing in this deep state is up for
10:51 am
giveable. -- unforegivable. david: president trump: warning the crowd danger if the dems get in. president trump: if they get in they will repeal your tax cuts, put judges in that you won't believe, they will take away your second health which we'll never allow to happen. david: we'll take up much more david: we'll take up much more with our panel when (female vo) breaking news from washington as lawmakers; (male vo) raging wildfires continue to scorch parts; (male vo) allegations of misconduct; ♪ oh, why you look so sad, ♪ the tears are in your eyes, mvo: how hard is it just to take some time out of your day to give him a ride to school and show him you support him. ♪ and don't be ashamed to cry, ♪ let me see you through, ♪ 'cause i've seen the dark side too. ♪
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david: in our online poll last night we asked you, do you believe the national left-wing media cares more about bashing trump thanked the safety of america's schools, and 96% of you said yes. joining us is dom giordano and gina loudon. gina, i know you are biased in this. but tell me after the president's speech which i talked about with ed rollins at the beginning of the show, what has bent reverberation of that speech hours afterwards? >> this was a quintessential strum speech. he was candid, he was down to earth. he was funny. he was off the cuff. he's all the things this base
10:56 am
gout and voted for him for in the first place. loved it. david: since it happened, are people still talking about it in the hallways? >> oh, absolutely. i didn't see one person aside from that lonely protester who tried to make a scene, i didn't see anybody afterward who wants super excited. the chatter was this is the same guy we voted for. we don't remember a presidential candidate and seeing the same person. david: a lot of the conservatives were afraid this guy would govern like a moderate republican from new york city. what a surprise? the guy has turned out to be the most of conservative president since reagan. >> i would agree. i kind of like his hair tips today. that was a high point for the
10:57 am
weekend as far as share coverage. what president would do that? david: i would think ronald reagan had some self-defend presenself-deputy re-deprecating moments. there was a huge breakdown in government from the fbi that dropped the ball down to the local level. now we are learning it wasn't just the one armed guard who may have sat out the shooting. there may have been a total of four armed guards outside the school with guns. at a point when government is letting down its guards and protect our kids, they want to take our guns? that ain't going to happen. president trump made it clear that's not going to happen.
10:58 am
>> i'm a floridian, i recently moved there. my children go to school up way from there. government did fail us on this on everyr every level. the irony is they are saying turn over your guns to us and we'll take care of you. they didn't take care of us. that's not the job of a government in a free country. a free country should be able to take care of themselves. we heard the numbers about how police officers can't get there until at least five minutes after the crime happens. and the safest place place will be if the criminal doesn't know if someone is armed. david: rush limbaugh says, i wish we didn't have to go through metal detectors. i wish these bad things didn't happen.
10:59 am
but we are snuck this environment. until we learn to control misbehavior in schools we'll have to take measures like this and arm people in the school. >> that's right. i'm a former teacher. david: me, too. >> there are a tremendous number of not just teachers. there are coaches, administrators. the lunch lady. they all have safe places where they could put a weapon and a safe. if someone comes in you want multiple people firing at this person so he can't commit heinous crimes. david: do you think that idea will make it to public policy? >> i think the concealed carry for teachers is the best. even if no teacher carries a concealed weapon, the fact that the criminal doesn't know if one might be may deter the crime in
11:00 am
the first place. david: that's it for us tonight. guess who's back monday. that's right. mr. lou dobbs will be here. >> the people's house -- a family's legend. >> i can remember being a little kid and asking my father what it was. >> a century-old mystery. >> he said, "it's from the white house." and i go, "talking about d.c. white house?" i was just stunned. >> the white house neither confirms nor denies... >> what do you see? >> gold! [ laughs ] >> let's investigate! >> i scrape the paint layers down to the wood. >> and when you heard what it was worth? >> and sold! [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] >> i'm jamie colby, and today m b


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